Another Mega Man level


I made a new Mega Man Powered Up level. You can download it right here.

Super Mario Brothers Twine


I wrote a text-based vid con about stage 1-1 of Super Mario Brothers in Twine. You should maybe check it out, I don’t know. Whatever.

Choose your plumber, and play for free at Grepolis dot TV


I had a bunch of shit I wanted to write here. Then I suddenly got really sick out of nowhere. Now I’m just playing SMTIV in between moans of agony due to hella stomach pains.

EDIT: Okay, I guess I actually managed to write something.

More behind the scenes Sword of Moonlight stuff

I’ve decided to introduce a little structure to my creations. Normally, when designing things, I just make it up as I go along. This is a really, really bad idea that has worked literally only one time before, so I don’t know why I keep doing it.

First things first, I’m starting to actually write out a script. I jot down the name of the character in question, their basic description, and then their lines. The dialogue is put into blocks, so it’s easier to copy and paste it into the game.


Doing this will hopefully make things much easier for me. After all, don’t you want rich, unique characters with profound lines like this?


A while back, I found a blank notebook of graph paper that I stole from my last job. I decided that it would be a good idea to use that paper to draw up my maps, then recreate them by hand in Sword of Moonlight. Using notebooks for vid con stuff isn’t a new concept for me; I still have some notebooks lying around somewhere full of notes I took for games that I had to stop and think about. Somewhere, there is a notebook that’s full of barely-readable scrawls where I’m figuring out every puzzle in Silent Hill 3.


I cannot draw in a straight line, even when the straight lines are provided for me. But this will be a level that you can play.


I know I haven’t really been posting, or posting things of worth lately. I have a good reason, I swear. Actually, no I don’t; I’ve just been playing the XBox 360 version of Resident Evil: Revelations a whole lot. Anyways, I have some codes for Super Smash Brothers demo that everyone is fucking going nuts over. All the people I wanted to give codes to already have them, so I’m just going to post them here. Just remember to use them before the 19th and if you do use one, let me know in the comments so I can cross them off, thanks.




Found this in my drafts folder


Make a joke about some Tumblr model (maybe the one you’re always jackin it to) coming out o fthe cake okay bye

an example of my teenage writing years


You are in the bedroom. A very bland, empty room containing only a small bed and an open closet. The light reflects off of the walls, making them look yellow instead of white.

I keep reminding myself that I don’t live here. I’m only visiting. Next to me are three small children huddled together in a corner, talking to one another in quiet, hushed tones. Despite their totally different ethnicity (they were Mexican. I was white), these were my siblings. Half-siblings, to be exact, but still family.

The quiet. The dreadful, hanging, horrible, irritating quiet is quickly shattered by a slamming door. A woman I don’t recognise rushes to the doorway, her hands up in a defensive stance. She’s starting to sob now, as the man who slammed the door is now yelling at her. I get a good look at the man, and a knot forms in my throat as I remember why I was here.

The man walks angrily into the room the three children and I were sitting in. That man is my father, drunk and angry. As usual. His skin has become so red, it’s started to take a slight shade of purple. He says nothing. He just looks me right in the eye. I was so scared at this point, not knowing what he was going to do to me. Hit me? Yell at me? Do nothing?

He decided to break up the silence.

“You tell people that I’m your father. You don’t tell them that I’m your dad. Why do you do that? I’m your fucking dad alright! You are my son! I am not just some sperm donor for your stupid mother! Now get the fuck out of my house before I kill you!”


You are outside. The sun is bright. Squirrels are running up trees while birds fly high up in the air. You barely notice the cold breeze coming in.

I was on my way home. I was going to ask my mother what she ever saw in that man.

Early Winter 2k14

Summer is over, and Fall is starting to make its presence felt. Of course, here in Colorado, there’s no such thing as this mythical “Fall” I hear so much about. We just get an early Winter. All the joys of driving on badly maintained, snow slicked roads and freezing my ass off, only months before everyone else. This is also the time when I seem to metaphorically dive headfirst into the Indie scene and listen to more melancholy, dreary tunes. Which means that I’m making another music post.

Okay actual birthday post

My 3DS had some well-wishes to send me.








I got some star sunglasses and a banana split hat because I literally cannot be too juvenile when it comes to phallic imagery.

In the real world, I just went to Applebee’s with my mom. I had a burger.

I’m old

I turned 28 today here’s a video of me aha hahahahahaha