“Alberto Rodriguez, the man WWE doesn’t want you to see” is the best thing going in Pro Graps at the moment.

For my non-Sports Entertainment liking and/or non-Spanish speaking readers (so like uhhh all three of you): he used to compete in WWE as Alberto Del Rio, until about a week ago when he slapped a dude for making racist remarks at him. Said racist was WWE’s director of social media (aka: a person literally paid to post on Twitter), and Del Rio was immediately shit-canned. All this really did was highlight WWE’s racist double standards: Alberto Del Rio is straight up fired for standing up to a racist asshole, while white guys on the roster start backstage fights for no reason, get arrested for DUI, or other unprofessional antics, and get rewarded with championships. I was already taking a break from WWE due to the shows being terrible (also CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are gone), but this incident forced my hand to change the channel to something else; reruns of Hoarders Buried Alive and iCarly are far better than Monday Night Raw at this point, and iCarly is literally the worst show I have ever seen in my life.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, Alberto is now part of AAA Lucha Libre. And due to the way he left WWE, is now a hero in Mexico. Due to some legal bullshit on WWE’s part, he can’t compete for, at minimum, 90 days, and one year at most (in the video, Dos Caras is holding Alberto back so he can’t keep fighting, and this is the reason why). AAA incorporating that into their current story is an incredible touch that I’m surprised no other promotion has ever done it. Basically, it’s, “Alberto, no! They’re preventing you from competing. If WWE see you fight, they’ll sue you!” Very sympathetic stuff.



I just stepped off the scale. I weigh 138 pounds, which is actually the most I have ever weighed in my life.

Dang man, I’m getting fat as hell.

Club Tortimer


Usually, Club Tortimer is the worst part of Animal Crossing. Well, “worst” in the sense that it’s mostly useless. It’s just the functions of the regular, single player island, with the added features on internet lag and some jerk-off running around scaring away the bugs and fish you’re trying to catch, or intentionally fucking with you during medal challenges.

I checked it out again today as a way of killing time. As you can see, I actually had a good amount of fun just goofing off with a few random folks. At least, until a disconnection error popped up and kicked me back to my town before I could bring back the new fish I had just discovered. Either way, I still made out with about 150,000 bells in wildlife, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Original Character



I said on Twitter that I was going to reuse my Final Fantasy Legend II character for Sword of Moonlight, and here I am, shamelessly recycling my OCs (do not steal).





Pecan, the entire point of this blog is dredging up the past.

I still have a Facebook account, for some reason

Every so often, I wonder why I haven’t been on Facebook in so long. Then I see a bunch of grown ass men nearing the age of thirty making a bunch of incredibly shitty, unfunny jokes about the savage beating of Christy Mack and then I remember why.

Sword of Moonlight follow-up

This is just a supplemental post to the comments for my Sword of Moonlight post. A video I made a little while back showing off the engine.

Leaving Town

Every few months or so, I head up to a small part of Denver to visit family. Depending on the traffic, it’s anywhere from forty-five minutes to an hour to get there, and once I do, there is dick all to do there after I’m done visiting. The roads aren’t very good (ain’t even kidding: you have to go from 60 to 20 in a matter of a few feet once you pull in from the highway), it’s mostly filled with old people and/or meth heads, and the one real attraction is a water park that closed down ten years ago. It sucks.

And yet, it is the only place I can get 3DS Streetpasses. I live in a massive series of apartment complexes, near a public park, a wildlife preservation, four schools, a shopping center that includes a Target and a Gamestop, and I am apparently the only person in the area who owns a Nintendo 3DS. But when I’m up here, I just get hit after hit after hit. When I was there yesterday, I got four, which is about one trillion by comparison.

And I was lucky, because three of those hits had Sreetpass data for Animal Crossing. Since I’m currently looking for certain pieces of furniture, I was pumped. Two of the houses were completely empty and the third one was this hoarders-like disaster. What a freakin’ letdown.


E C Dub

HNI_0039 HNI_0038

My town is now known as the Land of Extreme.

A project I’m working on

I’ve been hard at work on a project lately. Myself, along with a group of other folks, are working on an RPG using the Sword of Moonlight engine. It’s called Moonlit Corpse, and the whole idea behind it is an “exquisite corpse,” basically meaning that we’re building off of each others’ work, without actually seeing any of that work.

I’m not going to show too much of my hand here, but I thought I would post a couple screencaps of what I’ve been doing. None of this is final, I should point out, it’s just here to show what I can do with the engine.